Wine Wheel May 21st - 25th, 2019

Event Details:

In an attempt to abolish the ambiguity of the notorious tasting notes, we are going to have you write your own tasting notes! For each wine you taste, you will be given a wine wheel; a small wheel with general, specific, and more specific flavors or aromas that can be found in wine. With your wine wheel in one hand, and a glass of wine in the other, you’ll be able to explore the wine without the power of suggestion. It’ll be completely up to you as to what that wine tastes like!

Participants can choose to keep their tasting notes for themselves, or leave them with tasting room staff, potentially so your tasting notes can be featured with our wine. We will also cover some very basic wine tasting terms, as well as some basic wine tasting etiquette.

tasting room upstairs sign with bottle and glass