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Today Tucannon Cellars

Today, Tucannon Cellars is a family-owned and operated winery, dedicated to providing relaxed and memorable experiences surrounding their wine that features their love of nature and Washington State. At the winery, you can enjoy a wine tasting, wine by the bottle, wine by the glass, and light fare to accompany your wine selection. The Tasting Room is bright and cozy for small gatherings and their back patio is one of the best in the state! The back patio has mature shade trees that overlook the beautiful grounds and wine grapes on the property. At 800 cases produced annually, Tucannon Cellars keeps production small and personal to serve their loyal guests and club members.

Our Story

Vines & Wines Oakwood Cellars: Founded in 1986

Where Tucannon Cellars stands today, is a location with a deep history tied to the early days of Washington Wine, as well as family-owned and operated wineries. This location has been an operating winery for over 35 years. Which is remarkable since there were only a handful of wineries at that time in Washington! This location began as a winery in 1986 as Oakwood Cellars by the Skelton family. The Skelton’s had traveled to many European countries to study winemaking techniques with the goal of making better wines from Washington grapes. in 2014, the Skelton family decided to sell their winery and property to another family to continue the work they had originally started.

Oakwood Cellars
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From Vines & Wines to Community Tucannon Cellars: Founded 2014

In 2014, Oakwood Cellars was sold to the Warren family.  The Warrens decided to make it their own and change the name to something more personal. Tucannon Cellars was born. The name Tucannon is a tribute to the Tucannon wilderness and their love of the outdoors. The Warren family made changes to the grounds, the tasting room, and the winery. In 2017 they completed the Sugar Pine Barn project, which is an event and wedding venue on the property. Wanting a slower pace of life, the Warren family sold their winery to the denHoed family in 2022, who wanted to continue the heritage of the location and watch it grow even further!

The Next Generation Tucannon Cellars: 2022

The denHoed family has deep roots in Washington State agriculture ever since their grandparents immigrated from the Netherlands. They have been responsibly farming in Washington State for generations. After the purchase of Tucannon Cellars, the denHoed family decided to keep the Tucannon name because they found it fitting to pay homage and respect to the land in Washington State. With a passion for Washington Wine, farming, and creating meaningful experiences, Tucannon Cellars brought all those components together to form the new iteration of Tucannon Cellars owned and operated by Kevin and Carol-Lynn denHoed.