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Today Tucannon Cellars

At Tucannon Cellars, we're more than just a winery; we're a family-owned and operated establishment committed to creating unforgettable experiences that reflect our deep love for nature and Washington State.

Step into our welcoming Tasting Room, where you can savor our handcrafted wines through tastings, by the bottle, or by the glass. Pair your wine selection with our delightful light fare. The Tasting Room offers a bright and cozy atmosphere, perfect for intimate gatherings. But the real gem is our back patio, hailed as one of the best in the state. Nestled under mature shade trees, it provides a picturesque view of our lush grounds and thriving vineyards.

With an annual production of just 800 cases, we keep our production small and personal, ensuring we can serve our dedicated guests and club members with the utmost care and attention.

Our Story

Vines & Wines Oakwood Cellars: Founded in 1986

Where Tucannon Cellars stands today, it holds a rich history deeply intertwined with the early days of Washington Wine and the tradition of family-owned and operated wineries. This location has been a thriving winery for over 35 years, a remarkable feat considering the limited number of wineries in Washington during that era.

Originally established as Oakwood Cellars in 1986 by the Skelton family, this location reflects their dedication to crafting exceptional wines from Washington grapes. The Skeltons embarked on journeys to various European countries to hone their winemaking techniques, all with the aim of producing superior wines.

In 2014, the Skelton family passed the torch, selling their winery and property to another family, who continued the legacy they had initiated.

Oakwood Cellars
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From Vines & Wines to Community Tucannon Cellars: Founded 2014

In 2014, Oakwood Cellars found new ownership under the Warren family. Seeking to make it a reflection of their personal values, they chose to rebrand the winery. Thus, Tucannon Cellars was born, a name that pays homage to the Tucannon wilderness and their deep appreciation for the outdoors.

Under the Warren family's stewardship, significant improvements were made to the grounds, the tasting room, and the winery. Notably, in 2017, they completed the Sugar Pine Barn project, an event and wedding venue on the property.

In 2022, the Warren family decided to pass the torch to the denHoed family, who shared a vision of preserving the winery's heritage and fostering its continued growth.

The Next Generation Tucannon Cellars: 2022

The denHoed family's roots run deep in Washington State agriculture, a tradition that began when their grandparents immigrated from the Netherlands. Over generations, they have been dedicated to responsible farming in Washington State. When the denHoed family acquired Tucannon Cellars, they made a conscious decision to retain the Tucannon name, a tribute to the profound respect they hold for the Washington State land.

Driven by their passion for Washington Wine, their commitment to sustainable farming, and a desire to create meaningful experiences, Tucannon Cellars emerged as a harmonious blend of these elements, now owned and operated by the denHoed family, Kevin, Carol-Lynn, Konnor and Lillian denHoed.