Bohemian Dinner Party July 26th

6:30 - 9:00

Event Details: Catering by European Appetizers and Desserts by Nena

With weddings in full swing, it’s rare that we ever get the opportunity to invite our favorite people over after hours. It’s our absolute favorite time of day out here in Benton City; the temperature is just right, everything is calm and peaceful, mayflies litter the sun-kissed sky, and there are just so many things to appreciate. If you don’t quite know what we’re talking about, we’d like to show you.

We are hosting an outdoor, Bohemian style dinner party. We’ll be eating under the sky and watching as the day turns to dusk while enjoying the simplest of things in life; Good food, good wine, and good company, in a stunning and peaceful atmosphere. We hope you’ll join us for this unique and eclectic affair. We’ll be sampling a few of our favorite wines while having a casual pairing with an elegant charcuterie display setup by European Appetizers and Desserts by Nena.

In order to keep the event intimate, we are limiting this event to no more than 30 people.

Tickets are $45 each,


$35 for our Wine Club

(limit two tickets per club membership)


People eating dinner at outdoor wine event