Red Wine and Truffles June 22nd, 2019

11:00 - 6:00

Event Details: Special Guest: Mindy, from Baum's House of Chocolates

We have an event for chocolate lovers and for those among us who enjoy  a sweet delicacy from time to time; a chocolate and wine pairing event. At Tucannon Cellars, we are releasing our first ever sweet red wine, the 2016 Dolce Rosso. We are so eager for you to try it! In order to properly celebrate, as well as create an excuse for you to come out here, we will be partnering with Mindy from Baum’s House of Chocolates.

Mindy has prepared for us 100 artisan truffles that are shaped like wine barrels, that were made with our 2016 Dolce Rosso. This way we can have the perfect chocolate and wine pairing event. Mindy’s chocolates will be available for purchase in the tasting room, however, only a limited quantity are available. As a result, you should come early and get them while you have the chance!

Due to limited availability, the truffle samples will be limited to the first 100 guests.

If you are unable to attend the event, you can still buy chocolates from Mindy through her website, here. Baums House of Chocolates

Better yet, if you would like to order some Dolce Rosso, we have that available on our new website. Order Dolce Rosso Now. 

Baums House of chocolates and tucannon Wine event